Vision & Mission

At VIRGIN FOREST ENERGY LIMITED, we are always striving to adapt our business model and general modus operandi to new and emerging business trends within our sphere of influence and our scope of operations, but we hold ourselves to timeless and unchanging values, as reflected in our Vision and Mission.



To be a one-stop energy provider of choice.


To deliver stakeholders value through innovation, superior service and sustainable practice.


Our core values, which are embodied in the acronym iTRIP, are as follows:



At VIRGIN FOREST ENERGY LIMITED, we recognize that integrity is a currency that will never depreciate. That is why, in our few years of existence, we have been able to cultivate a well- earned reputation, not just for excellence in the provision of our products and services, but also for unswerving reliability – why explain the trust our customers / clients have placed in us over the years. It is a trust we intend to guard jealously, for nothing is more sacred to us.



As the saying goes, there is no “I” in “Team.” As members of a corporate unit working together to achieve a common goal, we at VIRGIN FOREST ENERGY LIMITED are far more than the sum of our individual parts, and our results show our coordinated, consistent synergy.



A business such as ours, operating in an environment such as ours, is not for the faint-hearted. But because we are in this for the long haul, we recognize that there will be days when progress will be slow and the going will be tough. But we are prepared for any eventuality, for we recognize that although it is said that all good things come to those who wait, the best things do come to those who PREPARE.


It was the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, who said, “Innovate – or die.” In the same vein, we at VIRGIN FOREST ENERGY LIMITED believe that any organization which does not anticipate the dynamism of today’s business (especially the highly competitive area in which we operate) stands the risk of being swept aside and dwindling into irrelevance. At VIRGIN FOREST ENERGY LIMITED, our innovative approach to business is what gives us our edge over our competitors.



In our dealings with the people, communities and interests we are privileged to serve, we bring to the table a culture of excellence and expertise which comes from the capabilities and experience of the people who work in VIRGIN FOREST ENERGY LIMITED, as well as commitment to delivering on our promises, and ensuring the best interests of our clients and customers.



A Tank farm in Oron, Akwa Ibom State, Filling station in Owerri and Operational base in Lagos.