Over the years, we have been systematic in our bid to give businesses, communities and homes across Nigeria easy access to energy products, as a way of boosting productivity and creating safer, happier, more livable and family-friendly environments.

We supply companies and corporate outfits in Lagos and across Nigeria’s 36 states (including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja) with AGO (Diesel) for their generators, engines and diesel- operated cars, as well as their tank farms and other designated storage facilities.


Our Diesel supply solutions for specialized companies have helped our numerous clients and customers to meet their monthly and other periodic AGO budget goals and satisfied their fuel requirements in this regard.

Our product distribution mechanism comprises custom-made truck tanks which have an advantage over off-the-shelf branded vehicles in their adaptability and cost. For this reason, our clients enjoy a high level of satisfaction and our drivers supply on time to meet up with their needs.


We have full tanker trucks and peddlar trucks – all of them designed to provide the timely and quality diesel solutions needs that our highly valued clients and customers deserve.

We supply our products and services to Vessels, Tank Farms, Companies, Large Organizations, Business Centers, Hospitals, Estates, Schools, as well as Leisure and Hospitality Establishments.

Today VIRGIN FOREST is one of the most resourceful direct distributors and spot suppliers of wholesale bulk diesel products to businesses and homes across Nigeria.