We are one of the most efficient direct distributors and spot suppliers of wholesale bulk kerosene products to businesses and homes across Nigeria. VIRGIN FOREST ENERGY LIMITED imports the best quality DPK (free of hazardous explosion-causing elements) for usage in domestic homes. The risk standard associated with DPK is so high that every product sourced and imported by us has been thoroughly vetted by the international standards organizations and relevant authorities responsible for public safety.


Furthermore, while distributing our DPK products, we ensure that all shipments are hauled and maintained in allotted tankers to avoid the mishaps of product mixtures and leakages.

With our vast experience in product marketing and distribution, our understanding of market forces has given us an edge over our competitors when it comes to always having our products in stock and on demand, as well as sustenance of supply. Our supply chain is constant and our deliveries are made on time. Our timeliness is one of the factors that endear us to our numerous clients at all times.