It would be safe to describe Petrol (Premium Motor Spirit) as the flagship of our overall enterprise, considering its crucial importance in the political economy of our nation, as well as the role it plays in the well-being and socio-economic security of our people.

At VIRGIN FOREST, our obsession with the timely delivery of this commodity to our clients and customers is driven by this understanding. Indeed, our entire supply chain – from our supply vehicles to our stationary outlets – is fired by a commitment to meet our customers’ need for high-grade PMS for domestic and industrial purposes in an efficient and timely fashion. This commitment remains the same, regardless of whether we are dealing with a family business or a large corporation – because we realize that they are all key economic drivers. Therefore, in meeting our end of the PMS demand-and-supply bargain across the nation, we are actually oiling the wheels of the country’s economic and industrial progress.